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Ethical sourcing

We are working to make sure we take a collaborative approach to elevate sustainability in our supply chain every day.

Our approach

As an industry leader, Almarai remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and responsible practices across our entire value chain. Our dedication is evident in our continuous efforts to source products adhering to the highest safety, environmental, and ethical standards. Through the implementation of comprehensive policies and guidelines, we guarantee transparency and eliminate malpractice within our supply chain.

We hold our suppliers to a high standard, requiring adherence to our risk assessments and Supplier Code of Conduct, as well as transparent information provided through self-assessment questionnaires. Furthermore, we actively invest in and collaborate with local communities to advocate for improved labor practices, bolster economic resilience, promote sound agricultural methods, and uphold ethical standards. The essence of our "Doing better every day" vision is ingrained in our organizational culture, reflecting our unwavering commitment to safeguarding and respecting human rights within the intricacies of our supply chain.

As a socially responsible corporate entity, our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in our supply chain remains unwavering. In the fiscal year 2023, we have continued our efforts to ensure supplier compliance through the publication of our ethical sourcing policy, providing transparent insight into our approach. Additionally, we have updated our initiatives by introducing a supplier self-assessment questionnaire to evaluate suppliers' adherence to environmental, social, and governance standards. Throughout this fiscal year, we have persisted in collaborating closely with our suppliers, emphasizing the importance of signing the code. This ongoing commitment reflects our dedication to fostering best practices and ensuring that all our suppliers align with the utmost ethical standards.

2023 performance and initiatives

Progress on our strategic goals and targets

Goal/Target Progress
Put an ethical sourcing process and audit plan in place by 2025
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