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Energy Policy

This Energy Policy applies to Almarai Company (“Almarai”), a listed joint stock company, incorporated and existing under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Almarai), and any of its Controlled entities (each such entity, including Almarai, an Almarai Entity).

The purpose of this policy is for Almarai to optimize energy use, improve cost-effectiveness and productivity, enhance working conditions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and be sustainable.

Almarai is committed to efficient use of energy to produce and deliver world class products and services to our customers. We are committed to responsible energy use and will practice energy efficiency in all operations and processes, wherever it is cost effective to do so.

To implement this policy, we shall:


Achieve and maintain compliance with applicable legal and other requirements pertaining to energy efficiency, energy use, and energy consumption.


Develop and implement a framework for setting and reviewing energy management objectives and targets that aligns with the Almarai’s 2025 Sustainability Strategy for energy and climate change.


Ensure the availability of information and necessary resources to achieve the objectives and energy targets.


Ensure the continual improvement of Almarai’s energy performance and the energy management system in a manner that supports and compliments Almarai’s overall business purpose and strategy.


Consider energy efficiency as a factor in the design and procurement of products and services that may impact Almarai’s energy performance.


Encourage a culture of energy awareness and conservation within employees, suppliers, and subcontractors by active communication of energy performance and opportunities for improvement.

Almarai will communicate the Energy Policy to all its employees and interested parties, and ensure it is freely available to the wider community. This policy will be reviewed and updated as required.

This policy, supported by the QRHSS&S Division, will be applied to all business operations and services carried out by Almarai.

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