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Animal welfare

We are working to make sure that our animals are treated and handled humanely throughout their lifecycle every day.

Our approach

At our organization, we are devoted to upholding the highest levels of animal wellbeing. We strongly believe that prioritizing animal welfare is an integral aspect of establishing a sustainable business and supply chain. Our approach, termed Doing better every day, guarantees that our customers receive products of superior quality and ethical standards. We are committed to enhancing animal welfare across all facets of our operations, collaborating closely with our teams and partners to consistently elevate our benchmarks. Adhering to the guiding principles set by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the universally acknowledged 'Five Freedoms' for animals under human care, we ensure the mental and physical health of animals. In the production of our fresh meat, poultry, and eggs, we abide by these five freedoms: freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury or disease, freedom to express normal behaviors, and freedom from fear and distress.

At Almarai, our dedication to ensuring the wellbeing and health of our livestock is unwavering. We collaborate closely with veterinary organizations to guarantee optimal care for our animals. Our Holstein dairy herds benefit from continuous support from professional veterinary teams, round-the-clock shelter with shade, as well as air cooling and showering throughout the year. We prioritize a nutritious diet specifically tailored to meet the needs of our livestock. To uphold the highest product quality, we carefully source feed from well-managed locations and ensure precise feeding quantities for our animals. Our poultry flocks receive exceptional care, including top-notch husbandry and nutrition. In our broiler farms, we employ a distinctive air filtration system, house broilers in climate-controlled barns, and provide them with a nutritious diet. Notably, we refrain from using cages on any of our poultry farms at Almarai.

Our top priority is the wellbeing of our animals, and we have implemented a thorough health plan to safeguard the health of our cows and chickens. Rather than relying on therapeutic antimicrobials as a substitute for proper management, our approach emphasizes effective vaccination, excellent animal husbandry, and optimal hygiene practices. In cases where treatment is necessary, our cows and chickens receive care based on best practices and evidence-based treatment protocols. They are temporarily removed from production until they fully recover. It is worth noting that no antimicrobials are utilized in the treatment of broiler chickens.

2023 performance and initiatives

Our highlight stories

In 2023, we reinforced our commitment to animal welfare by unveiling our Animal Welfare Policy. This policy serves as a transparent account of our initiatives to ensure the wellbeing of all livestock and animals under our supervision, guarding against any malpractice and striving to provide optimal living conditions. To underscore our dedication to animal welfare, we have taken proactive measures to meet the NSF Global Animal Wellness Standards. This includes updating our standard operating procedures, conducting training sessions for on-site employees, establishing an Animal Welfare team, and aligning our record-keeping practices with these standards. Consequently, all our dairy and poultry farms have obtained certification from NSF International, meeting the requirements of the International Animal Wellness Standard.

Almarai is committed to being a leader in animal welfare within the sector and has garnered recognition for its efforts. It has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first globally certified according to International Animal Wellness standards for dairy farms and operations. Additionally, it holds the distinction of being the first in Saudi Arabia to receive certification for poultry hatchery, transport, and operation. To further bolster the local veterinary community, Almarai has extended its cooperation and partnership agreement with the Saudi Veterinary Medical Association, slated to continue until 2024. This agreement includes the exclusive sponsorship of the "Almarai Veterinary Medicine Award for the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries," valued at five hundred thousand Saudi riyals (500,000 SAR) annually. Launched in 2009, this award has recognized 62 winners to date, with numerous veterinary doctors and researchers contributing to the advancement of the Saudi veterinary medical field. Almarai remains dedicated to supporting these professions and enhancing the local community.

Animal Welfare accreditation

Almarai stands firm on our commitments to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all animals within its care, as this impacts not only on the animal’s quality of life, but also on the quality and safety of the food we produce. We believe that implementing internationally recognized principles for animal welfare is part of our license to operate as a leading food and beverages company. We obtained the Certificate of Conformance to the Animal Welfare Policy in March 2023.

Progress on our strategic goals and targets

Goal/Target Progress
Achieve global animal welfare certification for our dairy and poultry farming operations by 2025
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