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Our approach

Almarai is devoted to providing consumers with wholesome, nutritious food and beverages that contribute to enriching their lives and fostering a healthy, joyful lifestyle. Almarai plays a pivotal role in strengthening the Kingdom’s food security by investing in local production capabilities and adopting sustainable practices. Our commitment involves continuous innovation, strategic investments, and the pursuit of cutting-edge technologies and skills to remain competitive, all while providing health-conscious and nutritious choices. Emphasizing health and nutrition across our product range, we consider it our vehicle for future advancements. We acknowledge our responsibility to assist people in leading lives filled with health and happiness, prioritizing nutrition and overall wellbeing.

Almarai products contain no artificial colors or flavoring

Almarai products
contain no trans fats

Almarai products contain no artificial sweeteners

Our branding and marketing strategies play a significant influence on people's lives by shaping the perception of the products we offer, and we are deeply committed to fulfilling our responsibility to market ethically. Anchored in our responsible marketing policy, this commitment is the bedrock of our pledge to furnish consumers with transparent, accurate, and clear labeling and communications. The policy is designed to empower consumers with comprehensive information regarding the health, nutrition, quality, and safety aspects of our products. Through product labeling, we aim to educate consumers about nutritional values, safe storage practices, recommended serving sizes, and the quantity of servings per item.

Our responsible marketing policy extends to encompass our various communication methods. In collaboration with the healthcare community and professionals, we conduct awareness campaigns to enhance understanding and knowledge of nutrition and wellbeing. Through our diverse communication channels, we strive to reach a broader audience, empowering a larger segment of individuals to make more informed choices regarding nutrition.

Almarai’s commitment towards Clinical nutrition

Almarai has always believed in the transformative power of clinical nutrition. Almarai’s first clinical nutrition symposium for elderly people was more than an occasion; it underlines our unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare and expanding our contribution to the Kingdom’s food security efforts in line with Vision 2030.

2023 performance and initiatives

To ensure the wellbeing of our customers and consumers, we have established a comprehensive nutrition policy and framework. This policy and framework are based on eight core principles: reformulation of products, innovation, food fortification, marketing to children, food security, corporate social responsibility, nutrition, and food regulations. During 2023, we ran multiple campaigns to create awareness and understanding of the importance of nutrition, health, and wellbeing. In light of that, we started developing our corporate nutrition strategy to achieve our holistic plan and its targets to support our nutrition and wellbeing programs to serve the community at all levels.

Almarai is committed to providing consumers with healthy and nutritious products. To ensure this, we have implemented a nutrient profiling system as part of our Nutrition Policy. This system is based on the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) 2333:2019 Permitted Health and Nutrition Claims standard, international dietary guidelines, and global standards for salt, sugar, fat content and nutritional information. We strive to continuously improve our innovations by incorporating the nutrition classification with the innovation process by providing our employees with guidance on the healthy and nutritious criteria.

Our highlight stories

Almarai remains committed to health awareness for consumers and healthcare professionals

Almarai seeks to build awareness of key nutrition and health information using various digital channels. We continued to expand our online audiences through new digital platforms including launching health and nutrition emails, social media chatbots, and providing updated nutrition information on our website.

Almarai participated as a platinum sponsor in the 5th edition of Future Food 2023 forum, held in Dubai in September under the auspicious of UAE ministry of economic and the Chamber of Commerce. Our participation in the event underscores the responsibility of private sector to contribute to the promotion of food security in its quantitative and qualitative concept by providing products of high nutritional value that meet peoples need and enrich their health every day.

Almarai has been actively involved in promoting health and nutritional awareness in Saudi Arabia. In 2023, we partnered with various organizations to support anti-drug campaigns, rheumatic diseases awareness, International Arthritis Day, oral and dental health care campaigns, blood donation campaigns, and anti-smoking campaigns.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources, Ali bin Mohammed Al-Abri honored Almarai Company for its diamond sponsorship of the Sixth Oman International Food Safety and Quality Exhibition and Conference held in Muscat from 12 to 14 June 2023. Almarai Company participated in the exhibition with a pavilion that included some of the company's products, such as baked goods, juices, and dairy. The pavilion was visited by His Excellency the Omani Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion, Qais bin Muhammad Al-Yousef. It is worth noting that Almarai Company is the largest vertically integrated dairy company in the world, and today it is the largest producer and distributor of food and beverages in the Middle East, and its high-quality food products reach over 200 million consumers in the Kingdom, the Arabian Gulf, Egypt, and Jordan.

During 2023, Almarai was awarded numerous awards, certifications, and rankings at local, regional, and international levels in various fields such as financial, administrative, marketing, quality, safety, consumer satisfaction, and sustainability. These awards and rankings serve to reinforce our commitment to our motto of “Quality you can trust”.

Almarai was ranked highly in various fields such as measuring consumer satisfaction and brand image. All the local, regional, and international awards we won, demonstrate our commitment to delivering quality products and services. We are proud of our achievements and will continue to strive for excellence in all areas of our business.

Almarai Participates in "InFlavour" Expo to Achieve Sustainability and Food Security

Almarai Company participated in the events of the new exhibition specializing in the food sector in Saudi Arabia, the World Culinary Exhibition "InFlavour, "organized by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, in cooperation with Tahaluf Company and partnership with several entities: The General Authority for Food Security, the Saudi Business Center and the Culinary Arts Commission are held at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center (Malham) from 29 to 31 October 2023, which aims to achieve sustainability, food security and promote innovation in the Kingdom's food technology sector to establish new standards in the industry at the regional and global levels.

Progress on our strategic goals and targets

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Develop and implement a holistic plan to further enhance our nutrition and wellbeing offering by 2025

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