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Responsible Marketing Policy

This Responsible Marketing Policy from Almarai Company (“Almarai”) applies to all marketing and communications aimed at consumers.

This covers marketing and communications including but not limited to television, radio, outdoor, print, digital including company-owned websites and third-party websites, social media, apps and online games, direct marketing, sponsorships, and all other forms of communication including packaging.

This Responsible Marketing Policy is supported and reinforced by the Almarai Executive Leadership Team, overseen, and governed by the Marketing and Communication Teams, and implemented across the organization through the direct support of employees.

Communications on responsible marketing principles shall:


Respect the ethics and values particular to consumers in that country.


Provide information to the intended audience in a transparent manner.


Prohibit the promotion of compulsive snacking.


Promote marketing to adults who make household purchasing decisions (gatekeepers) and young people (persons aged 12 and over).


Portray accurate information on products that is comprehendible by the audience.


Depict children in marketing communications, if relevant, and ensure that children are in safe physical and social environments.


Endorse selective initiatives that encourage healthy and active lifestyles.


Promote products that meet the health and taste preferences of the student population at schools.


Create selective branded educational programs.

Almarai will communicate the Responsible Marketing Policy to all its relevant employees and external stakeholders. This policy will be reviewed and updated as required.

This policy is governed by the Corporate Marketing Division.

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